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Appraisals- Legal Professional

Mayo Auction and Realty provides certified appraisal services to legal and estate planning professionals and expert testimony for trial, when needed.

Certified appraisal reports, in compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), are provided for estate settlement, divorce, business acquisition or dissolution, divorce, lending, insurance and more…..

Professional Valuations: Business assets, machinery, equipment, antiques, collectables, firearms, furniture, glass, porcelain, pottery, silver, automobiles, boats and other watercraft, residential contents and more….

Certified Appraisals Include: On-site examination, inventory, photography, market research, valuation, and production of final appraisal report. Each appraisal report includes a description of the asset, measurement, age, condition, value and digital photograph of each item and discussion of how value was determined.  

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